The brand of tweens that even a n00b will call a n00b. These girls suffer Brainus Minimus, which causes them to compulsively wear shiny, sparkly stuff with the words "princess", "goddess", or "angel" on it. Also are known to only be into whatever is "cool" according to MTV. Similar to, or synonymous with the rabid screaming fangirl.

The cure to Brainus Minimus does not exist as of yet, but it is possible to ward it off by wearing clothes that do not contain an ounce of glitter, listening to music you actually like(instead of what you think is cool), and spelling words correctly. Avoid saying OMG in any circumstances.
GirlyGirl#1- OMGZ. LYKE, he is LYKE SO HOT!
GirlyGirl#2- *gasps* I want to have enough of his babies to populate a small island!
GirlyGirly#1- *gasps* Here he comes! AHHHHHH OMG OMG. *hyperventilates*
GirlyGirl#2- Does this ugly shiny pink skirt make my butt look big?
by _Jessica__ August 23, 2006
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The group of young, rich, hyper 10-15 year old girls that make up a good 50% of students in our public school system. They tend to hunt in packs (cliques). Annoying as hell.
Teeny boppers are commonly mis-identified as preps.

In the nineties, teeny boppers worshipped N*SYNC.
by ~souba~ November 19, 2005
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Mindless retarded 13-17 year old girls who dress like whores and listen to NStink, Backdoor Boys, Bebounce, Slutina, Bitchney, Bitchenys Whores etc etc....Need to be taken away forre-education then sent to the killing fields alongside there crappy top 40 pop groups.
by Brother Number One November 15, 2003
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teenagers (usually girls) who are obsessed
on musicians who rather sells their records based on their imagery rather than the actuality and or essence of the song(s); usually pop artists who doesn't write their own materials and needs a choreographer to put on a show.
Britney Spears, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, O'Town, 5ive, Jessica Simpson
by x November 01, 2003
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9-12 girls who think they're all that just because they said 'bitch' or 'ass'.
Bopper 1: HeY bItCh wUz Up?
Bopper 2: Wut R we WaItiN 4? LeTz kiCK aSs!!!
Me: What a bunch of fuckin posers.
by Applet Boo August 26, 2004
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Usually girls in their early teens who try to act and dress like their favorite pop stars and they listen to pop music non stop. Like boy bands and pop idols and shit. They wear shirts that, I guess, is supposed to sum the person up in a couple words like "Princess" or "Chicks Rock" or "50% Angel 50% Devil" and they break down in tears when they see a Backstreet Boy and are like OH MY GOD, CAN YOU, LIKE, BELIEVE THAT'S HIM...AHHHHH
Teeny boppers have no taste in music, they listen to people that can lip synch and sound like shit in real life...that definitely isn't talent and their rich off a voice they don't have
by XXXaggeration February 11, 2005
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a tweenager or teenager who listens to a 'thing' called pop, which shouldnt even be classified as music.
they are obsessed with boys, makeup, clothes, brands, latest fashions
they say 'omg' or 'lmfao' waaay to much.
they think the world revolves around them.
they are usually 'daddys little girl', aka 'daddys plastic snatcher', and alot of them can also be considered 'plastics'
they go out with guys for their looks.
they sometimes are even friends with people because of their looks, or money, or popularity.
they spend their lives talking on the phone, texting, talking on msn, shopping...
they shop in places such as 'supre' enough said.
"omg, i was lyk shopping in supre the other day, and omg, david was their!!!"
"omg r u serious!?!?!?!"
"omg yes!!! nd i wz lyk, hey, and omg, he lyk fully smiled at me!!!"
"omg" *at this point they both start jumping up and down*
"i no, omg he lyk totally asked 4 my number, so yea, omg, it was lyk, so awesome!!"
"omg, i am sooo jelous, he is lyk soooo hot, lyk omfg!!"
"i no!!! omg, omg, omg, he lyk totally lyks me!!!"
"well lets go listen to some britney spears!!!"
"omg yes!!!"
me: *sigh* ther goes some more teenyboppers... *bang* *bang* ok, ther gone now :D
by Sineadp0tat0 May 14, 2006
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