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1) The staggering problem in the life of at least a few kids aged 16-18 wherein desires to become a better human being are steadfastly postponed in favor of the perpetual, pleasant nothingness of the life long afforded to them thanks to their parents' hard work

2) Encountered in between childhood and adulthood; affecting middle/upper class teenagers who enjoy the coziness and instant gratification of their good old childhood lives but fail to address their future - inevitably stalling the progress of their adult lives for the worse.
Kid with raging case of teenage identity loophole syndrome:

"College is on the horizon, and I could be making money for myself right now, but I'm gonna go ahead and dedicate this morning...(stretches)... to the couch, the TV, the computer, and the almighty pop-tarts in the freezer. Ouch, why's my mind sending me a pain signal?"

NOTE: TILS is extremely harmful and worth fighting
by McGruger August 12, 2008
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