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Usually Stuck up to the more normal kids with less money. Usually wears American eagle, hollister pacsun etc. Refuses to shop at non name brand stores such as walmart and makes fun or refuses to befriend anyone that does so. Most friends consist of other preps and mostly spread rumors about other people. Many conflicts start between the more accepting, normal, and less wealthy and preps do to the preps rude gestures such as laughing at them, talking about them, etc
Nikki: "ewwww how could you shop at walmart you're so poor"

Normal kid: " easy by going into the store...picking out something i like...taking it to a cashier have them ring it up, pay for it, and carry it out of the sorry if im not a teen prep like you."
by From first to last747 August 03, 2006
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a sexy student, usually attending a private school, who wears clothes from leading name brand clothes, e.g. Abercrombie, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Polo, JCrew, and refuses to buy clothes at KMart, Target etc. A prep usually watched all the popular shows, e.g. The O.C., 24, and Laguna Beach. A prep can only date a prep, and a prep must be above a 7 on the 1-10 scale to be fit in the "prep" catagory.
The sexy stud from Prep (bethesda, maryland) wore that HOTT polo with his Tim's and chorduroy's. That prep is wearing the same shirt Kayne West wore in his last video.
by A. Stiles February 01, 2005
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