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A rule of sorts that applies only to overweight or obese people. If you have a bit of extra fat, then you're naturally better at cuddling than somebody who's in shape. If you're fat, you're like a big fleshy teddy bear, which is where the term comes from. The bigger you are, the cuddlier you are and the more teddy bear appeal you have. It can help you seal the deal with a guy/girl, or it can land you in the friendzone: it depends on how you use it.
Hot girl: "Hey, my friends have told me you're excellent at cuddling."
Overweight guy: "Yep. My secret is my extra weight-it keeps you warm when you cuddle me."
Hot girl: "I fancy the idea of testing that out. Yours or mine?"
Overweight guy's brain: "Score! Thank you, teddy bear appeal!"
by MegaMilkCosplayer April 01, 2014
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