a team whore is a gurl who has sexual intercourse with the whole sports team (either basketball football baseball track etc)
OMG!!! i knew delilah was a team whore!
by pimp daddy dollars August 17, 2004
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Someone who will go from one competing team to another based on how likely it is for one team to beat the other. This is not done pre-game, but during the game and usually occurs when the opposing team has a significantly higher score than the team they are currently in. This serves for the person to be outcast as a complete bitch-face-faggot-whore. Namely, a team whore. A whore for teams.
Team mate #1: Hey, where did Blanca go?
Team mate #2: Oh dude, she went to the other team.
Team mate #1: That fucking team whore. What a massive slut. I hope her tits lose all firmness and sag to her ankles.

Dude: Man, Blanca is such a fucking team-whore.
Man: Fucking hell dude, she did that to me last week, I am so going to break her fucking face.
by CappuccinoOrgey August 17, 2012
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When people use excessive or over-the-top team work in a 3rd or 1st person shooter video game. being killed by multiple people at once and cocky people on the mic are common. This is very common in the gears of war franchise and the halo franchise. They also generally flirt with eachother in gay party chat if they aren't being dicks over game chat.
You incap a person in gears of war 2 and you're going in for the kill. 3 to 5 people come out of completely nowhere and down you. After they've revived thier butt buddy, they blow you to pieces and they taunt your remains before you spawn.
"God damn team whores!"
by annnnonnnnymous August 21, 2011
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A person that has multiple favorite teams in a specific sport, nfl, nba mlb, or what not. This allows the bish fan the ability to difuse the mental anguish of having one favorite team have a bad year.
Size Queen Justin is a straight up, legs in the air, Favorite Team Whore. His favorite teams are the Redskins, Packers & Steelers.
by daleicious January 23, 2011
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