a teacher is stain's secretary to hell, the average teacher is an old white lady with glasses that for some reason hates guys and is nice to girls.here's an example down below
*girl fails test*
girl: oh no I failed the the test
teacher: oh i'm sorry here I'll let you retake it
*guy fails test*
guy: oh no I failed the test
teacher: so what just get over it and do better on the next test
by cole_stevens69 May 24, 2021
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A underpaid individual who tries to force information for/about society into people's heads. Usually crushes children's dreams and makes people feel stupid by making them take exams or correcting them in every step they make. The schoolingsystem usually gets blamed for the way the teacher forces information into people's brain.
My math teacher really hates me. For some reason she can't force math into my brain.
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by DefinitionOverlord May 09, 2017
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Your other parental figure.
My teacher, Dr. V, is such an epic gamer.

This teacher's got S W A G

Ugh, I'll get my work in one day, Dr. V!
by Southern Speak March 25, 2021
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force kids to listen to the demon that thrives of the depression on the young ones.
and will say "i don't know can you?" after you ask if you can go to the bathroom
Teachers will suck the happiness out of your soul to earn minimum wage
by Rforese October 16, 2019
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Teacher is someone that i love, because some of them, try hard to make me a successful person in the country

I'm from Southern Peninsular Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Johor.. that's all from me, love u guys..
"thank you, teacher πŸ₯° i appreciate you all very much" - Darwina Fariesya Iskandar
by YouTuber Johor July 14, 2021
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Someone who works at a place. It's not important tho.
Usually doesn't want u to use google translate, the superior format
Teachers, my dog are my homework.

That's BULLSHIT timmy, go to detention
by fuckthrfrench December 20, 2019
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