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Tax-time millionaire -- (noun) a person who enjoys a season of "wealth" in the weeks immediately following receipt of a hefty tax refund check. This season of fleeting prosperity usually begins with a lavish cookout and is marked by the acquisition of "luxury" items such as: cars, clothes, the latest Air Jordans, jewelry, gold teeth, flat-screen TV's, living room furniture, home appliances, "good" weave, top-shelf liquor, and rims.
Did you see Donte and Keisha roll through just now in the Cadillac with the 26" rims?

Naw. They were just broke last week. When did they get a new car?

Man, they drove it off the lot today. They got a new washer and dryer and LCD TV, too. You know they are some tax-time millionaires.
by msgogether March 12, 2011
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