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the cutest and most talented actress alive. in fact, she's the only actor alive. she is synonymous with playing every role possible, so how sure are we that she's not doing that this very second? how sure are you that your neighbor isn't tatiana? what about your teacher? parent? sibling? best friend? YOU?!
you: wow i really wish tatiana maslany were here.
tatiana: i heard my name..
you: hey tat, do you mind being me for a bit so i don't have to do jury duty?
tatiana: sure, dude! while i'm at it, i'll be everyone in the jury. and the judge. and the lawyers. and me being you.
by daryldixonaf November 02, 2015
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The personification of talent. Can play 13 different characters at once and you forget they are all in fact played by the same person. Can probably play your mother. Can also probably play you better than you could play yourself.
I can't believe Tatiana Maslany is in this Orphan Black scene as four different characters. Am I Tatiana Maslany as well?
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by Revannaly June 28, 2017
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