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Tap water is pretty much the same as bottled water, only you'll save a shitload of money and, believe it or not, It's healthier to drink tap water (except in Flint, Michigan) over bottled water
Me:I drank tap water in Flint. Who wanna be in my will?
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A beverage consisting of 1 part Corona, 1 part mule piss, and a generous portion of tequila. Serve in a quart glass, rimmed with cocaine and a wedge of sod.
The tradition of rimming the glass with cocaine began as a trick by bartenders so as to counteract the effects of the massive amounts of alcohol in the Mexican Tap Water. The cocaine would keep the customer from passing out, allowing him or her to keep drinking.
by MurphyMonster April 17, 2015
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A large group of people with too much time on their hands in Ray C’s discord server, who will spend hours talking about the regional differences of tap water. Also known as the ’tap water enthustiasts’.
1: Hey bro where does your tap water come from?
2: Dude are you dumb, I drink bottled water
1: smh my head, you’re clearly not Tap water gang, I thought more of you, I’m so dissapointed
by LeonZeppelin January 27, 2021
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I need to unload a bucket-load of Cleveland Tap Water into a toilet A.S.A.P.
by Magic man 123 May 27, 2010
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Person 1: Hey man you got any water its hotter than Africa out there

Person 2: Sure thing just take one of those cups of southern tap water out of the trash can
by Colebutt January 10, 2012
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That clear substance Russians enjoy on a daily bases, ie Vodka.
Hey guys lets stop by my place, i've got some russian tap water
by Todd Hat December 23, 2009
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Vodka, typically used as a substitute for water
You see, Ivan, if drink Russian Tap Water you will shoot Kalash more accurately since hands will be less shaky.
by Ivan Ivanovich June 21, 2019
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