How some faggots say the word, "thanks".
{Primo}: What time does the Six Eleven open today?
{Craig}: It opens at 11:00am.
{Primo}: Tanks!
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by Telephony January 06, 2021
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Usually someone who is incredibly strong. Maybe no upper body strength but man can she fucking hit a bitch.
Damn did you see Sarah last night she’s such a fucking tank
by sarahtzimas November 17, 2017
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Another word for weed. The slang keeps any non-users from knowing that you are talking about.
Yo, you got some tank? I’m trying to get gassed up
by tittylicious June 02, 2020
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Tank is a dog, Hes the best friend you see in the movies. Always there for you, hangs out whenever you want and is like your ride or die. He will be there for you when you need a laugh or when you want to smile, He will even be there for you when your feeling down or when your crying. Hes always there because hes not just your ride or die. Your his ride or die too. He always feels like your there, when he wants to laugh or smile or even when hes feeling down and wants to cry. Even if some day something tragic happens and you loose him or he looses you. You will always be with each other, the memories and you will know hes in your heart because when you first saw tank you knew that it was a lifetime friendship that was about to start and you love him and he loves you. Forever and Always.
by doglover27 February 18, 2021
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George: Man, I haven’t gotten laid in a week. My tanks are gettin’ full.
Dave: Better go rub one out and empty those bad boys.
by D. Lishus Thigh January 01, 2021
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A person who wears shorts in the winter time.
It’s 17 degrees and you’re wearing shorts bro? Damn you’re a fucking “tank”.
by Girthy long John March 08, 2021
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