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When 2 people are trying to get to know one another, so they can hook up(boyfriend and girlfriend)
Big Scoop: Ey- you talkin to Kendra?
D-nyce: Naw, dats(thats) mah (my) gurl(girlfriend) now.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
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When 2 ppl(people) are talking they are trying to get to know eachother a little more before they go out(become bf(boyfriend) and gf(girlfriend).
dj n jessica are talkin.
by babygurl94 September 07, 2008
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When you are either a) too lazy to add the "g" on to "talking" or b) are from the south
by kaz17b March 10, 2003
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when a person is talkin Bullshit; or just isnt making sense
jackie said "i just got on a plane with p diddy" you say "talkin"
by Anonymous September 05, 2002
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"u been talkin 2(fuckin) Rosa, pimpin?"
"last night and the night before. momz found 2 ruff ridah wrappers in my room this mornin, 2."
"(laughs)thats hella stoopid"
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
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The Quick-Note word which is known in the normal english dictionary as 'Talking'
"I heard U b talkin mad shit abut my bro's... I'm gonna kill u bizatch"
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
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