Bay Area slang for asking if a person is interested in smoking marijuana.
"Aye dude I got no work tomorrow."
"Shiiit. Talkin bout it?!"
"I got 5 on it."
by JimJongIl June 26, 2009
When someone says they are "talking about it", they are saying that they would/would like to have sexual intercourse with the designated person.
*Paul and Andrew see a hot girl walk by*
Paul: you Talkin Bout It?
Andrew: yeah fool, talkin bout it..

*Paul and Andrew see a skeezer walk by*
Paul: talkin bout it?
Andrew: hell no fool, not talkin bout it..
by SUPDEN123 July 8, 2011
A commonly used phrase used to stress the abundance or frequency of something.
Those titties are fine like talkin bout!
by N.O.'s FINEST October 4, 2008
He didn't pop those niggaz like talkin' bout it.

They want to help poverty, but they ain't workin' hard like talkin' bout it
by Hendrxapprentice June 9, 2007
According to the Diplomats of Texas A&M University, this phrase refers to a female who has the potential of giving male oral pleasure or vice versa.
Hey yo, lil' mamma, uh, iz you talkin' 'bout it ?
by Tarniecia Johnson April 19, 2005
Something that is OK, but only mediocre hypothetically compared to something else. If it was like talkin bout then you'd be talkin bout it.
That food was alright, but it ain't like talkin bout. (The food could have been better, but no complaints)

Your car is fast, but it ain't like talkin bout.
by Gooseph April 14, 2008
Said when a conversation has drifted beyond the original topic or comprehension all together.
Friend1: "I enjoyed the movie, it had cool effects and stuff"

Friend2: "Dude, please teach me how to play popcorn on the keyboard"

Friend1: "Dude wtf, I'm talkin bout t-rex here"
by ZT November 11, 2005