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An extremely delicious soda made by seven up. This soda is extremely difficult to find in most places. The soda is nectar of the gods. Formally called tahiti treat
That tahitian treat is so delicious, but I can't find it anywhere.
by kwhubby July 14, 2006
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When a man(or woman) eats out a female while she is on her period.

This is reference to the drink, Tahiti Drink.
Aaron got a Tahitian treat the other night, and would love another one.
by third eye December 07, 2005
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When performing cunnilingus on a girl while drunk, and you vomit inside of her vagina. You don't tell her, you just call it a night and let her figure it out later.
I was so drunk I didn't even realize I gave her a Tahitian Treat.
by Frank West August 28, 2006
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