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When you're eating food such as biscuits and grapes and you leave the last one in the packet as you know if you eat the last one you're gonna have to put the rubbish in the bin which is the otherside of the room.

However a battle can ensue if other members are playing the tactical eating game where noone eats the last item of food in the packet
2 Loungers are watching a movie in a living room and there is one biscuit left in the pack.

Lounger 1: Hey dude, why don't you have the last biscuit, I left it for you
Lounger 2: Nah that's cool dude, i'm totally stuffed, why don't you have it? I know you love them
Lounger 1: Godammit... he got me there

Hence Lounger 1 loses the tactical eating game
by london_guitarist August 07, 2010
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