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The best God damn dipping sauce McDonald's ever created that was wrongfully taken from us in 1998 due to the limited time offer.
I'd like to get a ten piece McNugget and a bunch of szechuan sauce, like as much as you're allowed to give me.
by TheLiquor April 04, 2017
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Dipping sauce. Known to many as the 1998 McDonald's phenomenon to follow the release of Disneys Mulan.
Yo you tried that Szechuan Sauce? That shit is Fire , not like spicy fire but like FIRE like I'd bid $100,000 for a 19 year old expired sauce packet.
by Combative Carlton April 06, 2017
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sauce used to promote the movie " mulan " in 1998. it was a type of teriyaki sauce that was used for McDonald chicken mcnuggets. It got popular in 2017 when rick and morty's season 3 episode 1, when rick used it to get out of prison and using it as a distraction. he also talked about how he loves it.
dude, szechuan sauce is good!

" where did you get it? "

over at McDonalds
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by sychoteddy123 April 06, 2017
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Szechuan Sauce is a sauce that used to be in Mcdonalds.
Now it's used for humor in Rick and Morty.
"You got the Szechuan Sauce, Morty?" - Rick
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by don't read my name bitch May 31, 2018
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A sauce that McDonalds created in 1998 to promote the movie Mulan, that was only available for a limited amount of time. This sauce was recently made very popular by the adult cartoon show Rick and Morty, when the co-creator and a voice actor for the show by the name of Justin Roiland did an improvisational bit about it, saying how much he wanted it back. Many memes were made about the Szechuan sauce, and McDonalds even decided to send a large jug of it to the Rick and Morty team, and they raffled small jars of it off for charity. McDonalds could've stopped there, but no, they had to get as much money and exposure as possible. McDonalds told the public that they would have a limited quantity of the sauce at particular locations on a specific date to give out, which was a a very bad idea to do. Crowds of hundreds of people stood in lines for hours, only to learn that there were only 20 small containers of the sauce. Because of this, some fans decided to riot and be rude to the employees, and one video went viral for a day of a man jumping up on a counter at McDonalds and shouting "I'm Pickle Rick!" (a line and now meme from the show) and "I want my szechuan sauce!", then having something that looked like a seizure on the floor, then doing a Naruto run out of the store. After this disaster, McDonalds decided to continue the tragedy by announcing that the Szechuan sauce would be available for a longer period of time over the winter.
Person 1 : Have you seen Rick and Morty?
Person 2: No, it looks awful.
Person 1: Did you just see the szechuan sauce and Pickle Rick memes? Is that why you think it's awful?
Person 2: ...
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by jewelsgard October 14, 2017
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This beautiful teriyaki sauce that McDonald’s sold a long time ago, which is coming back thanks to Rick and Morty.
That one episode of Rick and Morty when Rick orders some delicious Szechuan sauce.
by Senpai Fried Chicken October 08, 2017
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A strain of marijuana similar to Sweet and Sour. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are saying that cannabis is the most important thing to in the universe. Their deep affection for marijuana would explain why they slack so hard at creating new episides. Maybe wubba lubba dub dub is a $20 bag.
The most important thing in the universe is szechuan sauce.
by josh672 (phyto) November 18, 2018
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