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Sydney Jane Bailey is the full name of a woman. She is very intelligent, caring, and not to mention sexy. Sydney is a beautiful young woman who loves animals, and helping people. She is extremely creative, and will be extramly successful in her career, considering she is so persuasive. Sydney Jane Bailey loves the arts, for example music, poetry, painting, drawing, etc. Sydneys friends typically call sydney by her middle/ last name, especially considering all her names sound like first names. Sydney is a dreamer, and loves romance novels, but prefers magical books. She loves to read, and always daydreams about a better life. Sydney prefers to live in her own world of perfection, which is a huge problem to get work done sometimes. But Sydney always pulls through eventually to help everybody she can. She in French means wealthy, and she knows she will be one day, but will start off a bit rickety. Sydney is unique and a hard kind of person to find. If you ever have the chance to love a sydney Jane bailey, keep her! She will always love you back, no matter what.
Jeez, its time to give sydney Jane Bailey a promotion! She's going places. What a lovely girl.
by wooooowwww March 30, 2016
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