A secret, fictional country. It is run the Dictator Remi White. It's second-in-command is Tieg Paulson. St. Switzerland includes many provinces, such as: Nils Land, Aton, Ivy's Islands, and many many more. St. Switzerland contains many magical creatures such as zombies, witches, wizards, vampires, mermaids, faries, werewolves, and walking cookies.
Remi White, Tieg Paulson, St. Switzerland
by Ivykinz May 26, 2011
A word often used by tourists or expats in switzerland to say that they paid way too much for something.
Dude you just paid 8 bucks for a big mac?
You've been switzerlanded!
by user9525 March 7, 2017
Staying neutral on a topic
Lottie’s her best friend, I don’t know why she’s playing Switzerland about the breakup.
by lottielot February 8, 2022
When you’re born on the same day as a cousin.
Sean and Johnny were born on the same day, And we’re cousins, so they are Switzerland Twins.
by PrestigedStoner August 29, 2022
Spooning with your significant other with a boner, kowing it's going nowhere
We had a fight so I'm going in for a Switzerland surrender
by VinnC0 September 4, 2016
Someone who desires to take no part of an argument or fight whether it be because they believe both sides make valid points or friends with both parties
Don't look at me I'm Switzerland in this
by Aussie23 April 23, 2020