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Slowed down/chopped/screwed up music/style, originated by 'DJ Screw (RIP).... Swisha house includes freestylas such as, Magnificent, 50 50, Paul Wall, Chamilionarre, Mike Jones... who?

yeah mofuckas, swisha house.. dirrty souf.
by syked September 19, 2003
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Swishahouse Records is an independant record company which started in northern Houston in the late 1990s.
They made "chopped and screwed" music popular in northern Houston after other record companies started the music style in southern Houston.
They have held record deals with artists like Chamillionare, Mike Jones, and have a record deal with Paul Wall.
Swishahouse Records is da shit!
by Crazy Hardcore Ninja September 27, 2006
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Slowed down music crew from Houston Texas featuring freestylers such as Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, 50-50 and Paul Wall.

Slowed down music was first popularized in the Houston area by DJ Screw; Swisha House continues in the Screw tradition.
"In one on one I don't fight, I pull my gun most likely. In Houston, the hoes? Oh most LIKE ME..." - 50/50
by rapamaniadotcom July 23, 2003
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slowed down music first started by DJ Screw, see also "screw", swisha house is a big screw label and features rappers like paul wall, chamillion, slim thug, esg, 50-50, and a bunch of other free stylers
put in that swisha house
by b money April 28, 2003
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a underground rap label in Houston, Texas aka H-Town where all the best rappers from houston came from like mike jones, slim thug, lil' flip, paul wall, and so on.
I got it made the big boss of the north, Ain't shit changed I still represent Swisha House - Slim Thug
by TinaMarie September 23, 2005
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The best music in the game for us rollers out there you know who your are!! This here is some gangsta sheit. If you a roller or if you drank the drank then you will feel this type of music fa sho. I love dis sheit...holla at ya girl...PEACE!
You don't know Swisha house unless you mention Z-Ro da don.
by Slow roll girl December 23, 2005
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