When you forget to do an easy assignment that ends up being worth almost an entire grade; The swirly vortex of zero
Nick! did you do your homework?
"nick" Nah, it was only worth like 5 points
"teacher" actually, class; that was your assessment for the week. it's worth 300 points.
*Everyone starts swirling their pens in a circle in the air*
by Elijahhhhhhhhhhhh September 10, 2008
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The sadistic art of having your head dunked in a toilet and having the toilet flushed
I don't wanna return to school because Bob might give me a Mr. Swirlie.
by sirup scorch March 28, 2015
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Chugging a strawberry milkshake enema out of a Cambodian hookers gaping asshole
You can find the best pink swirly on vacation in Cambodia .
by Juggmentday November 1, 2019
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ol swirly is the folk art liveing lengeng of the ozarks . he is the inventor of the divice knowns as a swirly jacks . that helps folks manage their bio electric and does other things. too numerious to mention . amoung other acomplisments ol swirly has been the only man in history to run the whole world at any given point in human history so 🤷 theirs that . its a funny story . but all in all ol swirly the live lengend is truely a nobel american treasure whos story and legacy grows day by day even as you read this .
have you seen ol swirly on lot ? ol swirly i wanna buy a swirly jack durn !
by ol swirly July 24, 2022
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The topping of an asshole with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, followed by the enthusiastic swirling of the tongue around the asshole eating every last drop and leaving the recipient fully satisfied.
My man came over and gave me the best bung hole swirly of my life!
by Trixie9 February 20, 2021
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A form of hazing/torture/punishment in which a female senior high school student picks up a freshman, turns him/her upside down and holds him/her in the air with his/her head in a toilet bowl full of bloody tampons and period blood while it is flushed.
She gave that poor little freshman a cherry swirly after school let out.
by Sarah Shears August 2, 2021
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When you shit in ur partners face and you put a cone on top and make them eat it
by May 10, 2022
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