it is true that swimming is a hard sport. it is also true that swimming is boring and swimmers hate swimming. however, it is MOST DEFINITELY true that man swimmers are the hottest things alive (i.e.Micheal Phelps, Ryan Lochte, etc.), and THAT is why i swim. also it's a good way to challenge yourself. btw the rumors ARE true -swimmers (more women than men, in fact) are the most sexually active atheletes, due to great stamina and endorphins released into the brain while swimming. this is strange to me, seeing that swimmers have no lives, and in their free time they eat a bunch and then sleep. :)
swimmer: "man i'm tired"
stupid person: "why's that?"
swimmer: well, it's about 9:00 in the morning and i've had two 2-hour practices..."
stupid person: "wowzer. who knew swimming took so much commitment..."
swimmer: "i hate you."
by candy whiskey April 22, 2007
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only the BEST sport known to mankind! everyone on the planet should swim becasue then you wouldnt have to sit on your lazy ass and you will lose all of your baby fat!
swimming kicks ass! i just killed them!
by rachael February 21, 2004
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The sport of champions, makes you tired and wet just the way it should be
I went swimming at the state meet and one bragging rights for a year!
by Andy B. March 14, 2004
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a sport thats for people who are cool that gets you in really good shape and makes you a beast
swimming made claeson a beast
by claesonsasexybeast April 24, 2006
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Swimming is quite possibly the most demanding sport ever. If you're not up to such rigorous, demanding activity, you might as well just cheerlead or play football. It is also the most rewarding sport ever, though, because you don't need to run or lift weights to gain muscle mass. You can swim 50 yards in about 25 seconds or less. Swimming is a sport where all of the athletes are in amazing shape, and even if they have ugly faces, they will be desired by everyone else because of their superly hot bodies.

Best sport ever.
"I'm soooo tired after my football practice. We had to do sooo many sprints." -Loser

"I had to sprint for three miles without breathing in my swimming practice, and I could keep going!" -Swimmer
by PIAAswimmer,fasho October 25, 2006
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First of all swimming has absolutly nothing to do with drugs. Swimming is a sport designed for people with out a life, or had a life untill they begun. Girls who swim often have pear shaped or hourglass figures, men who swim often are hot to an extremtly extreme level. Swimming is the best sport to tone your body, a 20 minute swim does as much for you as an hour run in terms of weight loss and body toning. it is also true that swimmers are the best at sex. Does that change your mind about it?
(Alarm Beeping)
Oh dang i have to go swimming now!

(at school)
walks in half an hour late, hair brush in one hand, piece of toast in the other.

(other students)
by auto-box June 09, 2007
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The best sport ever.
People say it's easy, but It's not.
It is one of the hardest sports, do you know how many muscles you use?
Most swimmers hate soccer, and they say
'If swimming were any easier, It would be called soccer'

It's very hard and you have to push yourself to the max.
Meets make you exhausted for the rest of the way.
"Practice was so hard today."
"I know, those 200 flys were torture."
"Every practice is torture, why do we even swim?"
"Cause we love it!"
"Yeah, swimming amazing."
by AFeverNikkiCan'tSweatOut June 27, 2009
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