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infamous nyc private school (horace mann) girl who filmed herself using a a swiffer to masterbate. she sent the video to some asshole she had a crush on who sent it to all his friends who sent it to all their friends. thousands of nyc kids have seen the swiffer girl videos (i believe there are three, with three differant household appliances used for stimulation?). IF YOU HAVE A COPY OF THE SWIFFER GIRL VIDEO PLEASE EMAIL STEFIGEYER@YAHOO.COM---MY FRIEND IS DOING A PROJECT ON IT AND CAN'T FIND A COPY----IM NOT A PERV AND AM NOT LOOKING FOR IT FOR MY OWN ENJOYMENT.....BELIEVE ME I WOULD NOT CHOOSE THIS VIDEO IF I WERE, ITS WACK
"you have you seen swiffer girl?"
"obviously, who hasn't seen swiffer girl."

by March 25, 2006
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