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1. The way Russians write and pronounce "sweatshirt", often used in public chat and can detect a Russian chatter (though they would likely write "svitshot" instead).
2. An act of taking a shot of 40% alcohol, immediately followed by a candy, a toffee/chocolate or just plain teaspoon of sugar in one's mouth. Doesn't reduce the taste of alcohol, but rather boosts up your blood sugar instead.
3. A hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram (#sweetshot) by amateur photographers in order to attract attention to a certain picture they've just taken, just because they took it from beneath their leg opening while being crotched, at a 45-degree angle and used a double sepia filter prior.
1. - Look at him wear a sweetshot! - Are you from Russia?
2. Grab some candy, quick! We'll make a sweetshot!
3. Yo, check out my (hashtag)sweetshot of those leaves on the ground. I'm important, right?
by KenM November 08, 2015
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