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(N) A figure of speech used to express extreme disgust and/or astonishment, shock, temporary fits of anger, or otherwise feelings of intense disappointmn. Usually accompanied by a blank stare, the blue eagle or in extreme cases, complete loss of bowel control. The phrase originated hundreds of years ago, but has since been popularized in use by a certain Dean at a certain High School in 1997. Since then, the term has been widely used by the general public.

Toilet paper was strewn from the windows, flushed into the toilets and clogged into the urinals. Ceiling panels were floating on the floor. Hand soap was used like finger paints all over the mirror. The paper towel dispenser was in pieces and the trash can was upside down, its cntents gracefully fluttering through the air... The only words that came to Dean Cordova's mind in his abject horror were: "Sweet Baby Jesus!"

The rest, my friends, is a LEGACY.
by S. Bruno May 14, 2008
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