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The stereotypical college girl of the modern era. She always wears sweatpants (unless she's wearing pajamas), because she feels that her complete and total comfort trumps the fact that she looks like a complete and total slob. The sweatpants are usually accompanied by a school t-shirt and flip flops in the summer and a school sweatshirt and Ugg boots in the winter. Common accessories include an extremely expensive handbag to go with her clearance-sale sweatpants, and sunglasses that take up half of her face. A cellular phone can always be seen close by, for the rapid sending and receiving of text messages, unless at the moment she's preoccupied with listening to the latest chart-topping rap song on her iPod.
Nicole is a sweatpants girl. She rolls out of bed five minutes before class, never brushes her hair, and can always be seen in sweatpants (except for the times she gets up so late she just keeps her pajamas on).
by pbm19 April 01, 2008
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