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Swat Twat Proper Noun

As most men and women throughout their lives will find, stubborn, loud, verbal atrocities that may be, can we say verbalized never expressed in violence toward one another?

A Swat Twat is the culmination of not being able to silence digress or diffuses a drunken (most the time) male and dials 911 for a domestic disturbance.

I don’t know about your state, but here in California they come with a minimum of two officers, if there is a crowd they double exponentially. Think of that Beach boys song ~~ ‘Two girls for every boy’ now its two peace officers or more for every boy ~~ you know the song.

at no point does this endorse or condone interrelational violence, freedom speech has its bounds, respect your woman brothers and sisters, Swat Twat don’t be one, remember we love you ladies and men.

I call it how I see it

AR Laurenzano Nipomo California
Chris - “Bro I saw all those cops over at your place, what up bro..???”

Tony- “Dude my girl went Swat Twat on me last night, just sat on the curb till they left… That was insane; Im 5’6” scrawny at best ~~~6 cops…Fu…. Just keep saying bitch overtime she talked to me what are you up too?”
by Segwave April 18, 2017
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