A whore. Any one who possesses at least one of Hilary Swank's whorish traits.
Your mother was a swank and your father smelt of elderberry.
by Anthony Romano December 11, 2004
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the word swank means just about everything possible it can be used in so many different ways
the definition depends on the context of the sentence
1) yo ima bout to get super swanked my dude
here swank is an act of being

2)ayo yall niggas tryna swank up up in here

here swank is hanging out or "chillin"

personal fav=3) yo yo lemme swank on that swank

here swank is first an act of doing and than an object

4) nigga u been swankin hard lately

here swankin means to be ballin
by gbaums December 10, 2010
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a word combination of Swag and Dank, that come together to form Swank; sick; dope; coolest shit ever
Dude, Danny is looking totally swanky today.

Keaton has so much swank, people are jealous.

Justin showed up at my birthday, and the whole room stopped and looked at him because of his swankness.
by Th3H1tman May 19, 2011
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A posh wank. When you masterbate with a condom on so there is no mess to clean up after.
Last night I treated myself to a swank.
by bob90 February 12, 2010
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Anything you want it to mean. Only way you can tell true meaning is by context clues.
My folks had me do some swank ass shit, did all my cleanin before I could leave.
You sittin clean there, thats a swank ride
by Michael Hawkins April 08, 2005
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