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The unofficially, official game of hipsters.
The game consists of taking a whiffle ball bat, a beach ball(covered with swag written in sharpie), and someone declaring swag on. Points are scored by undefined actions and accomplishments while maintaining "their swag". Exclusivity is the name of the game so only people playing swag balls can control the scoring and rules. There is never a winner in swag ball unless you want to be the winner and who really wants that? Ideas for games to be played within the swag match can be as or not as follows.
Swag croquet- hitting the swag ball through several large well spaced bike rack spots.
Swag rolling- rolling a ball down an incline then letting the ball roll between your legs while striking a cool action pose best done with multiple people.
Swag team ball- swag ball with teams.

Make sure you take pictures and show them off to your friends to show how cool you are!
Dude you were really rocking during swag ball last night you got over 9000 points!
The world series of swag ball is going to be played tonight! In my back yard!
by Unclearly Focused April 02, 2011
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