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condoms, rubbers, IUDs, diaphrams, the pill, etc
Hey joe; aren't you afraid you are going to get her pregnant? Hell no, as long as I have my surge protectors, I am not worried.
by mo cox January 30, 2007
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in a situation that finds three men simultaneously having anal sex, with person (a) topping person (b), and person (b) topping person (c), the surge protector refers to the middle person (person b), who is both getting anally penetrated while anally penetrating at the same time. this middle participant in the threesome is in effect transferring power from the person fucking him to the person he is fucking.
yo, that surge protector is fucking and getting fucked at the same time!
by alfie mellow July 21, 2010
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a socket extension for plugs with an inbuilt fuse that prevents high voltage surges of electricity travelling through the plugs to electronic devices and destroyig them
"dammit there was a power surge in my house last night and my computer went bust, i need a surge protector to plug my computer into so it wont happen again."
by Benguin January 24, 2007
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Those who oppose an increase in troops in Iraq, like most Democrats and a few Republicans.
Democrats who have jumped in to run for President in 2008 want to prevent Bush from sending 20,000 more kids to Iraq. They are the surge protectors.
by euphemismo January 19, 2007
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