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This is when your 'supervisor' decides that coz you are female & his dick smashes into his forehead everytime he sees you (even when you are wearing no make up being totally dowdy) the fucker repetitively waits for you to enter the carpark, zooms up beside you the moment you get out of your car, waits for you in buildings, waits for you in the garden just outside your office, blocks carparking so that you will not be able to park and then having fucked your arrival comes to apologise and offers to drive you to your car, you suspect that hes breaking into your house and going through all your clothes perfume lingerie.... as he acts oddly each of these specific days even saying stuff like "I am not stalking you..." He requests the name of your ex and writes it down. He breaks into sweats every time he sees you & you notice that he is becoming more like grey in colour when he sees you & he wants to just come into your office at the slightest reason & he sits with his fist against his mouth while talking. THIS MY FRIENDS IS THE WORST CASE OF SUPERVISO SLEAZO AUTHORITY FUCKHEAD.even with being threatened by his mgr even with me yelling at him he doesn't get it because he is disabled by his dick obstructing his view of reality & enjoys being such a sleazo & getting an anxiety rush. The guy is fat & the age of my dad - gross PUKE! First I quit my job. Second I move house. Third I go to kill him (not really - something else that will make him think twice about being so SSAF).
Superviso sleazo authority fuckhead (SSAF): Would you like a lift to your car?
Me :No it's only 100mt over there
(SSAF): Would you like the newspaper? Would you like a coffee? Would you like a... Would you like a....Would you like a lift to the market? Would you like a... Gee your looking sporty today...Ohh thats a pretty ribbon in your hair... I thought women were supposed to be pretty... Danny thinks youre the sexiest guard on site...Thats ok love/darl/love/darl...Would you like a...Hello....Good morning....Hello Hello Hello Would you like...Would you like...There's little difference between rape and sex...You are looking happy tonight... She always looks happy doesn't she boys... Why are you smiling...How are you little one...I just wanted to say sorry for blocking you in would you like a lift to your car...You look so pretty & young I thought you were a student...I am not stalking you... I wouldn't lurk in the bushes waiting for you would you like a lift to your car.. can I drive you anywhere?...Thats a pretty ribbon...It's going to be a lot better here without 1 or 2 people hey Richie Hey Richie...What do you call that hairstyle???
by phoenix144 January 18, 2014
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