The kind of shit school children calls themselves to make them feel better. Invented by the great Justin Beaver, the trickster, the damned, the rightful emperor, the cock sucker, the Super Saiyan is like a bajillion times better than Super Saiyan totally. Superior Saiyans have no dicks because they get drilled off, or at least Justin's did.
Man 1 I'm the Superior Saiyan! I can destroy the whole universe!
Man 2 What kind of crack are you on.
by Zeno Himself July 27, 2021
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When Doctor Octopus swap minds with Peter Parker until He regain his body back proven that Otto could never be Spider-man in the first place.
by Scott the Anchor baby September 14, 2021
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two words : Ghada Mansar
"You don't watch Friends?!" said Ghada Mansar to one of her friends in a meme post she has a Superior taste.

"Game of thrones is the best and you suck if you hate it" - Ghada Mansar 2016
by Tunisiantruthteller September 01, 2017
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A person with a perspective on the world that is always indisputably correct and better than anyone with an inferior taste. People with superior taste always agree on absolutely every matter, completely like minded. People with inferior taste are WEAK and should be shunned and they should also stand in the corner
"Do you prefer green apples to red."
"Then you are a superior taste person."
by SEXYPABLO September 04, 2019
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To be the best out the whole of every one. Like the best in a college for instance. To rule over everyone in college. To be th edominant one. Yes the dominant one. and no! not to be a tea leaf
by mysterio December 05, 2003
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