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This is a game invented by Josh & Kyle.

wut you need:

1. you need 1 superball
2. you need at least 2 players
3. you need 1 couch
4. you need a room to play in


1. no player at anytime may leave his/her knees
2. put the couch about three feet from the wall, parralel to the wall
3. throw the superball as hard as you can at the wall making sure to clear the couch
4. the object is to be the one to get the ball back, so you can throw it at the wall and domerock the other person.
5. most important rule, it is maditory to eat a butterfinger powerbar and drink a coke before starting any game of "supperball off the wall"
6. this game could get very expensive, make sure to clear the room before playing
"wanna play superball off the wall?"
by pedro February 16, 2005
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