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SUNY Morrisville also known as Mo-ville. If you come here chances are you're either a wanna be farmer, equine bitch, inner city brat, or a nursing student drop out. If you don't fit in the above categories then chances are nobody even knows your major is even a thing. There is nothing to do besides smoke weed, go to the corral piss drunk, or hook up with the person you met three minutes ago. Wasted Wednesday is probably the only night of the week that you'll enjoy. Every freshmen girl in the equine program will complain about barn duty at least three times a day. Don't get too close to your friends because there's a good chance that they'll wither drop out or transfer. Oh and you'll probably change your roommate weekly.
person 1: "Hey, are you going to SUNY Morrisville in the fall?"
person 2: "Nah I here that it's boring AF there."
by MoVille123 March 15, 2016
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