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That wetness in your crack, either from a hot day in the sun or a juicy fart that sends moisture up your crack. Sometimes so saucy you have to do a check wipe. Make sure it's clean. (beaware, you may wipe up something you've never seen) It may feel like you sharted, but it's just the summer sauce. Can always be used for a Summer Sauce Wet Willy on friends or loved ones.
"Today was so hot, my ass is a pool of summer sauce"

Oh crap Dennis, I think I may have sharted... (go check) Nope it was just some summer sauce. (Shart Tampon or Manpon should be added at this point)

Stay away from the Nacho, he's love to wipe a little summer sauce on his finger and put in your ear.
by Nacho97 June 21, 2007
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