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An extremely popular Australian comedy on the ABC, set in Summer Heights High school. It Stars comedian Chris Lilley who plays the three main characters; Ja'mie King, Jonah Takalua and Mr. G. The show concentrates on the portrayal of a public school from three different forms of cliques, the "FOBS", bimbos, and the clueless teacher.

Miss Wheatly: Excuse me, Jonah?
Jonah: I said PUCK YOU! With a P! This is an English class isn't it?


Ja'mie: Why don't you go back to China, bitch? I hear QANTAS are doing a great deal on plane tickets to china!


*Thinking about how to get rid of the Special ED. unit at summer heights high*
Mr G: so thats all it will take? a little poo on the floor?
by annonymous 411 October 03, 2007
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a funny australian tv show...that is over-quoted by jerks that only find Jonah Takalua funny and havent seen creator Chris Lilley's original series "We Can Be Heroes"... overquoting ruins it, makes it lame and a sell-out... similar to Borat
Person 1: haha..'puck you miss'
Person 2: yeah Summer Heights High is pretty funny..have you seen "we can be heroes"
Person 1: wtf is that?
Person 2: Chris Lilley's other show befor Summer Heights
Person 1: who's Chris Lilley?
Person 2: omg i hate you!!
by 0Iivia October 11, 2007
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