when no one else knows
guy 1: don't commit suicide!
guy 2: you will never understand
*pulls the trigger*
by arandomguy May 25, 2008
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when someone is so in over their head in life that they take their own life.
it's not selfish. anyone who says it is hasn't experienced anyone they're close to committing suicide.
when you're at the level of wanting to kill yourself, nothing can really help.
and when it's someone close to you, it's heartbreaking.
you wish you could have reached out more and blame so much on yourself when you really couldn't have done anything.
it's a terrible thing.
1: i can't believe he's gone.
2: i know. i wish i did more to help him.
1: don't stress over it. you couldn't do anything. suicide is just a horrible thig.
by r.i.p. rich <3 January 08, 2010
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Life's version of rage-quitting.
"I'm gonna go jump off that cliff dude, ON PURPOSE!!"

"Naw dude, that' suicide!"
by iiToxicSX January 30, 2012
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a mixture of all the drinks in the soda fountain in equal measure or leaning towards the one's you like most, kinda gross, lots of kids like them

I've also heard of it being like poor man's casserole where you take everything left in the fridge and mix it in a jug and drink, alcohol, soda, juice, no matter
That kid is drinking a suicide
by jeka November 14, 2004
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Something which should not be joked about. Something which creates more than one victim.
Its easy to joke about suicide but think about who you may be hurting before you do it- some wounds never heal.
A family friend commited suicide and left his children behind. Its sad to think that something which took him a matter of minutes to do will affect his children every minute for the rest of their lives.
by princessjill August 02, 2005
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Our most desperate and "last" resort to the conditions placed before us.
No other way is there...? Suicide will do.
by Searching... January 12, 2006
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A word that has a similar reaction when uttered to that of "bomb" in an airport while you are in school.
Fuck you Prof. Won, I'm going to commit suicide.

Uh yoo need to com wit me and we fix yoo uh problems wiht counseler.
by K-Mart Shopper September 20, 2003
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