the gayest thing ever only a pussy would kill them selves "oh boo hoo nothing is rite myh daddy my daddy woodint let me have the new britney spears album and theres a tear in my american eagle sweater" boom

suicide doesent solve any problems if you beleve in god well hello to hell

if you dont then think if death is the end you've just taken away the only chance at making life better
danny got all fucked on crank and took the cowards way out bye shooting him self like a little cunt
by xion May 09, 2005
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Exclamation at any unpleasurable or event or proposition, past, present or future, conveying the speaker's facetious or exaggerated desire to commit suicide rather than suffer through such terror, or a hyperbolic suggestion that to carry out a certain proposition or encounter a certain event would be in effect to commit suicide; often simply an emphatic "No" or "No thanks!" SoCal slang. Sometimes shortened to "sui".
A: Man I had to sit through econ class while he lectured us for 2 hours on this BS paper, and then on top of it I got partnered up with some dumbass sor chick!
B: Suicide!
Two Skaters:
A: Dude do you wanna hit up that secret spot again?
B: Oh, you mean the one the cops showed up at last time? Suicide!
Two Tourists in Baja Mexico:
A: Let's get one o those mexi dogs wrapped in bacon!
B: Suicide!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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The absolute worse warm-up drill in basketball and martial arts that involves running back and forth between lines and the starting point.
Our instructor made us run suicides today...Looks like I won't be able to walk tomorrow
by Spocksemophase May 08, 2016
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The act of intentionally killing yourself. Ex: stabbing yourself, hangin yourself, overdose of drugs, slitting your wrists, shooting your self, jumping off a something high, laying on train tracks, etc
Person 1: Did you hear that Rachel hung herself?

Person 2: Yeah it’s pretty messed up that she committed suicide
by omghahaha May 16, 2018
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Taking one’s own life, mainly due to mental illness, extreme depression, etc.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
You are not alone. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the suicide prevention number above to get help, or talk to someone, like a school counselor, friend, teacher, family, etc.
by Duck nose May 16, 2018
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