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The first night in which ghetto carnivals open revealing old, rusty rides that have not been used in a year or have even been safety inspected. You just gotta wait until someone dies.
"I'm fucking hardcore man! I'm going on the rides on suicide night!"
"And I'm ganna wait a week until your ass dies in the Tilt-A-Whirl so I can ride it when they fix it after they pry your cold, dead body from the tangled metal and wire."
"I'm too high for this shit."
"Your mom goes to college."
by TuanTuan October 31, 2005
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A night where a group of friends get absolutely blitzed together.

The drinking itinerary would generally begin with beer and move on to store brand whiskey. There does not need to be a reason for a suicide night, but it will usually occur after a member of the group has split up with his or her partner.

Suicide Nights can occur with only one person in attendance, though, this is generally confused with alcoholism.
"Dude, shit's getting heavy. Suicide Night on Friday?"

"Sure man, I'll get the Everyday Whiskey."
by Bawbag McGraw September 19, 2012
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