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1. a woman whose hair is bleached blonde due to coloring treatments from peroxide in a bottle. She has to maintain the bleaching periodically but her darker hair roots may be prominent anyway. The term "suicide blonde" is a play on "dyed/died by her own hand", ya dig?

2. a dance-able yet still major ass-kicking hit song by Australian rockers INXS. It hit the Top 10 all around the world in late summer and during the autumn of 1990. It has some wicked harmonica playing. Great stuff.
1. Deborah Harry, Courtney Love, Vicki Peterson, Marilyn Monroe, Samantha Fox, Cameron Diaz, and others are not natural blondes. They are suicide blondes.

2. My ex-girlfriend Susan is a suicide blonde.

3. You want to make her
Suicide Blonde
Love devastation
Suicide Blonde


RIP Hutch. You were one of a kind but we need more cool people like you more now than ever!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 28, 2011
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"dyed by her own hand"
That chick isn't for real... she's a total suicide blonde
by HVR May 30, 2005
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a bottle blonde who has bleach-fried his or her hair to a very light shade with peroxide because he or she is naturally dark-haired.
Courney Love is a suicide blonde.
by foreverenemy October 25, 2004
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A woman who has hair that is dyed crudely or unprofessionally (From the notion that it is dyed by her own hand)
My Next door neighbor is a suicide blonde.
by The Return of Light Joker April 08, 2008
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A gorgeous blonde girl or woman who is crazy, fun, daring, and thrill-seeking. She is deeply emotional, highly sensitive, and often very sexual and/or sensual. She is physically stunning and her deeply emotional nature makes her captivating. She walks her own path. She may be an artist, a musician, a model, etc. The reason she is called a "suicide" blonde is that she is so full of crazy, sexual, adventurous, and artistic passion that she could "explode" at any moment. If you ever meet a suicide blonde, you are in for quite a ride.
That girl is such a suicide blonde. She is crazy hot, super smart and emotionally turbulent. She's an artist and is covered in tattoos and piercings. She is so smart but so emotional that I think she may self-destruct. I've never met a woman quite like her. She is captivating.
by Lemon Squeezee May 09, 2018
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