Used describing a male with man tits from eating too much sugary stuff

Also general insult
Damn I ate so many doughnuts these past few months that I have the case of the sugartits.

You're late sugartits!
by ZeroHayabusa July 22, 2017
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When a girl holds a Petaurus breviceps, a sugar glider, within her bosom. Usually, in her cleavage.
Damn, Kaila, you got Sugar tits!
by Jonsnow November 19, 2017
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1. a derogatory term used by Donald Trumpish boors who can't see a woman beyond her tits (and maybe ass too). He don't care about her personality or smarts.
2. A female LAPD cop, said term made famous by the tanked Mel Gibson. This was one of the steps that derailed his stellar movie career.
3. Any lady cop.
1. Daryl: WTF are you listening to? That girl can't sing to save her life!

John (holding up CD case): It's the latest by Joan Ramone. Looka dem sugartits!

Daryl: You're thinking with your rocket, man.

John: 'TALENT' doesn't matter when she's got the FIRST 2 LETTERS.

Daryl: Awwww, damn!
2. Mel Gibson of Mad Max and Lethal Weapon fame said, 'Whaddaya looking at, sugartits?' to a lady LAPD cop when he got busted for a DUI. It wouldn't be long he'd be divorced. He also screwed a terrible Russian musician and she bore his child and he threatened her life. These acts pretty much trash canned his brilliant movie career. He literally fucked up.
3. Joey was pulled over by a Maine lady trooper for speeding. She was going to give him a warning but since he called her 'sugartits' she wrote him a ticket.
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by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 21, 2020
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You'll spot Sugar Tits right away. They are the most beautiful boobies in the world, The girl that is attached to these beautiful sugar tits usually goes by the name Gracie or Graciella and has an amazing curvy physique that will keep all your senses entertained 24/7 365 days a year. If you meet this girl you are considered blessed and instantly are categorized " better than the average Joe. " find you a Sugar Tits, you'll always be entertained, you will experience a higher than normal sex drive or a cure for you erectile dysfunction. She has a mind that is absurdly intelligent and a personality with the finest of qualities. When this girl pulls her sugar tits out and you go to town loving them, the only thing running through your mind is, " I'm going to make this one my wife." Or " no doubt about it, she stole my heart and my lovely soul mate." Her sugar tits really compliment her smile. Lots of people if not everyone you meet will hate you just because sugar tits is your life partner. I'm telling you this girl sugar tits also known as gracie will make you want to be a better person. Together you 2 make a dynamic power couple. She wont let you cheat on her or talk to girls butbut, you're okay with that because when night time roles around, you get blessed by those sugar tits and she does whatever she is capable of to please you. You are the man with your sweet sugar tits in your life, keep it up stud!!
The friend of sugar tits man: bro, what the hell happened to you? Just yesterday you were a loser, today I feel the need to worship the ground you walk on, what's your secret?

Sugar tits man: I met this foxy girl with a chest with the most beautiful sugar tits. Unfortunately I'll never share her but, when you run Into your girl with sugar tits, you'll just know and she will go by the goddess name, Gracie.... dude, you are only just starting to worship me..? She definitely increased everyone's needs to but that hurts, i should punish you for this. Lol.
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A term used by Michael Richardson in β€˜Once Upon a One Night Stand’ to describe one of his best friends, Taliana.
Sugartits, at least warn a guy before you send him risquΓ© shots!
by wildwomendo September 01, 2018
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Joe May and his big fat moobs. And he's shit at football compared to Calum.
'You alright sugar tits, you coming off Rocket League?'
by WarzoneGod June 12, 2020
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