The term used to describe a girl who has used her cleavage as a make shift cup holder for an ice cold slush puppy and drinking through a straw.

Conceived due to the high probability of a drop or two of the sugary slush puppy liquid falling directly on to the breast area making them sticky and indeed 'sugary' - hence 'sugar' tits.
geeez, I wish i didn't use these as a cup holder, I spilt the whole drink and now my sugar tits have got sugar nips...sigh
by Montana the Ginge June 24, 2011
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1.Refering to a fat man with big floppy sasagues a.k.a. man boobs.
2.The name of many, many fat people.
3.The name a pimp gives to his fat hoe.
1. Run sugar-tits ,run!
2.Look at that guy, he has huge sugar-tits.
3.BITCH!!! Wheres ma money sugar-tits!
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a name for a sleazy female friend who will give it up to anyone but you. despite your most desperate attempts.

(in this case the word is interchangeable with pal, buddy ect.)
hey sugar tits, who r u doing tonight?... i mean what
by friend guy July 22, 2010
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mountainous lumps of sugar sprinkled across ones breast. Usually licked off afterwards
That girl wanted a sugar tit last night. I got so excited!!!
by sugar titss July 10, 2008
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A girl who has sweet breasts the shape of a bag of sugar.
Shuga Dugga: Hey stud
Biggy Niggy: Waddup Sugar Tits
by Munny October 19, 2007
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1.)The act or being sugar titty.Being Fruity.
2.)the ultimate perfect pair of tits.
Stop acting like such a pair of sugar tits.

woah..-drools- look at them sugar tits.
by spuglas May 10, 2005
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