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Not getting a fair share. Many female mammals have multiple rows of breasts, for example dogs. Typically the rear most pair of breasts is smaller and less developed than the rest. Hence a pup nursing from the rear most breast is likely to receive less milk than other nursing pups. Hind means rear most. Tit is slang for breast.
Since the introduction of Windows '95, Apple Computer has been sucking hind tit.
by Chicago God April 11, 2005
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The unfortunate bastard that is in last place.

Getting the worst of what's left because you're weak and/or slow.

The tit closest to the pigs smelly asshole left for the runt.

Most undesirable and least most nourishing tit.
WOW!, he is really sucking hind tit in Fantasy Football this year - he hasn't won a game!
by Exodusarchangel September 25, 2018
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