An all-wheel drive vehicle made for the wanderlust spirit. The extra space in the hatch-back makes it perfect for lesbians who are tired of life in their current standing and just want to live in their car and find other lesbians on all kinds of adventures.
James: I really like the new girl, Ashley. She is fine as hell!
Frank: Tough shit, man. She drives a Subaru Outback, she's totally gay.
by thefeministRealistman December 3, 2016
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a damn sexy fine car made by only God Almighty himself. a car that only the coolest individuals can drive. bumpin' speakers, all-wheel drive perfect for Minnesota winters, plenty of space, as safe as a paddle boat. quite a wonderful car.
by Feroecious June 1, 2011
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Throw 10k at it and you'll have yourself a very capable touring vehicle.
Subaru Outback, best thing on 4 wheels
by You've been chopped. September 10, 2021
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