a poor-mans bmw/practical wrx

a unique and consistently reliable and practical car. it has been offered as either a station wagon or sedan. the old ones (1989-1994) had a turbo engine offered, making it one of the fastest cars for the dollar, back in the day. ones made between 1995-2004 were good cars, but not as sporty. then in 2005-present, the turbo model returned, with an incredibly potent engine, and is also a surprisingly fast car, with a 0-60 of 5.6 seconds. the legacy is famous for its excellent reliability, with many vehicles well exceeding 200,000 miles. all have full-time all-wheel-drive.

many associate subarus, especially the legacy, to be "greenie" cars, due to their appeal to outdoorsy types. but in fact, they get worse gas mileage than most competitors. the most recent legacy turbo and 6 cylinder models, have an average of about 19 MPG.
wow, i can't believe that subaru legacy is still running. it has 270,000 miles on it!

why? it's a subaru, not an audi.
by oliver milkshake May 20, 2009
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Subaru Legacy is a popular street car that the sexy, and only the sexy, know how to drive. Perfect for attracting white girls.
Yo sup my nig, jacked me a soob, lez get some white bitches and booz and get da party off da heezy!
by Kobe Bryant July 18, 2004
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a practical wrx, or an accord that's more fun to drive. plus, it has the safety of AWD. AND.... its a subaru. the wagon versions are lez mobiles.
ray-roy owns a 2010 subaru legacy GT. and it hauls ass.
by i wants a cookie January 26, 2010
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Ugly station wagon, sometimes with wooden paneling, driven by a certain creature, comming from geeky clubs (such as band). These cars are for carting around the less attractive of all species, and for driving slower than the speed limit. Normally thrown into the junk yard few years after purchase, if not laughed off the road. Also known as a Eustace.
Let's get up in my Eustice after band practice, where we can go to my house to read Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets. I think my Subaru Legacy is cool for bringing my amigos to chess club!
by Seamore Tats January 4, 2006
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