Stuper...noun...(sometimes adj.) 1)He or she that is a stupid fucking person that knows absolutly ZERO!.....
2)Describing a thing that is COMPLETELY IDIOTIC and has no sence to it!

you are sooo stuper!,......... dumbass!
by Shade November 4, 2003
An insult used by Mr. Burns in the simpsons. Probably his old way of saying "stupid fuck"
"Get out of here you stuperous funker!"
by Go Cubs 2009 October 20, 2008
The Super Bowl for people who could give a lesser fuck about American Football and think football is full of idiotic and ignorant fans that epitomize various stereotypes of American culture.
Bill - "Who do ya think is gonna win the big game? I'm definitely gonna cheer on my Peyton Mannin' an' them Broncos!"
Joseph - "I'm not going to watch the Stuper Bowl because I don't like football."
by DeekBosko January 20, 2014
So stubidly HIGH that the only way to describe your feeling is to say it as fast as possible. So. Super. Stupid high. ALL IN ONE ! Score! Asnore! Zzzz
Super stoned what the f*** do you put in the s*** cuz I'm stupid and I'm stoned stuper stoned is for the elders.
by Stuper stoned June 7, 2019