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fills in for the lead actor (who is not well endowed) when an "action scence" is needed in a porn flick.
actor: "i'm going to fuck you now."
direcotr: Cut! Bring in the Stunt Cock!!!
actress/stunt cock: AHHH OHHH YEAHH...
by wilson March 01, 2005
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Often used in the adult entertainment industry, a stuntcock is a "well-endowed" man who stands in for another during explicit scenes.
"Cut! Ok, bring in the stuntcock!"
by anti-racist May 17, 2003
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A Stunt Cock is a well endowed thespian who, at the time of the "snotshot" in a jazz flick, is brought in if the lead thespian is unable to perform..
"Okay Randy, it's been ten minutes since this flick was supposed to finish, time we brought in the stunt cock to finish up."
by Esteban Lorenzo August 19, 2003
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The guy who sleeps with a girl after some other guy (usually a mate/friend) puts in the effort chatting her up.
Usually when a group of guys are out together and one spends the night chatting up a girl but when it comes to the crunch she mysteriously ends up getting shagged by one of the other guys in the group. The first guy is the fluff boy..the other is the stunt cock!
by Drew Dunstone January 26, 2007
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A stand-in for a guy that can't close the deal with a girl because of sexual performance anxiety.
Tim: Hey Rick, how did your date go last night? Did you get some?
Rick: Everything was going great, I got to 3rd base but just couldn't do it.
Tim: Rick, the next time that happens give me a call. I'll come over and be your stunt cock.
by Que Dawg September 25, 2010
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Origin of word: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This word is announced in slang English to represent a well put together man on all fronts of the socio- physical institution, he is humble with just enough confidence that could be misconstrued as arrogance. He is very aware of the latest looks and fashions without being thought of as a gay male. He has a silver tongue and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of rejection from women. And just basically, his overall entity entices the sexual element in a sensing woman.
Peter and Todd are two childhood friends of a guy named Marko. A guy they look up to on the block...Word!

Somewhere on the streets of the Mil, the two are engaged in player conversation:

Peter: Todd, do you wanna start hitting the gym? I really need to start stepping my game up because all I seem to be attracting these days are fatties, beer whales, and women who come tied up with acronyms!

Todd: Yeah dude, the women I am meeting at the bars or on plenty-o-fish are kinda rancid, mostly some randy, piss swallowing, 2 kid having, whores bloke. I need to drop the smoking habit, start eating healthier as well, maybe hit the Pumphaus (Gym) Let's call up that dude Marko, That is one stuntcock assed mofo, he knows some of the odd's and in's to help us create a new persona for ourselves, our pimping game combined is pretty dusted! He always has a lady. He is swagger personified. Let's give the brotha a call!

Peter: Heck Yeah my dude like Barrack Obama, it's time for a change!

Marko: (answering the cell) Whashaddening?

And progress begins with a phone call, and the gameless marks end up hitting the weights, dieting, tanning, and from what I last heard our stories heroes, they both ran a train on the same drunken, fine but shallowly featured, low standard having, Anywhere in America HOE. And they crossed swords in the snizzy too while high-fiving each other for thinking they are pimps...The End.
by Marko Schmidt April 05, 2013
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