The leader of strongbadia. The guy who we email and get hilairous answers our questions.
by nameless November 7, 2003
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1. A cartoon character on who is awesome

2. The character from Homestar that was assigned to Gina.
Strongbad kicks ass.
by Dirtymike August 25, 2004
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StrongBad is teh awesome funny guy of he answers peoples emails on the internet and stars in funny clips relating to the email that was sent to him (he is a cartoon character btw)
Fan's email: gaffy
Hey strongbad you are super cool! you should build a monument to yourself!
StrongBad: hey gaffy turns out your onto somethin! I am super cool!
by Fluker July 6, 2005
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Strongbad answered one of my e-mails.
by The Cheat October 19, 2003
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The awsomest cool fool from homstario
by steve buttz October 22, 2003
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