Homestarrunner- "Hey Strongbad, wut u up to?"
Strongbad- "Oh, just lookin at a thing in a bag"
by Loozer April 24, 2003
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Another net-fad cartoon involving childish humor that only the nerdiest of nerds will find entertaining. Generally the fat kid who plays too much Nintendo will obsess over Strongbad, because all the people who make fun of him "just don't get it".
Strongbad would be better off on a gay porn website.
by buttcheeks mcgee October 9, 2005
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an internet catoon character on he is the most influncial character on the internet today. He answers e-mails from fans weekly and makes fun of their bad grammer. He is also the creator of Trodgor, Teen Girl Squad, and Stinkoman. He has his very own The Cheat. and often beats up homestarrunner and, his brother, Strong Sad
Strongbad created Trogdor, the best dragon ever.
by Jacob September 3, 2004
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creator of TROGDOR!!!! the dragon who comes in the NNNNNiiiIIIIiiiiGGGGggggHHHHhhhTTTTttttt!!!!! also installed a lightswitch for the cheat.
Dear StrongBad,

can you draw a dragon? i want to see your skills of an artist.

Your Friend,
(insert name here)
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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cool, awesome, hot, videogames, the hottest, and real real hot.
Greetings, I am called Strongbad.....I've been described as cool, awesome, hot, videogames, the hottest, and real real hot.
by Kyle_99_gtp March 23, 2007
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