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The sort of game you play with the provider whenever you go into a massage parlor to see if they are willing to give you that special "happy ending" (i.e. a handjob). You 'lay your bet' (make the first move with some sort of signal), and then they either 'call' (wait for you to make another signal they can trust because they're afraid you might be a cop), 'raise' (lead you on but give no sure indication they are willing - meaning they're cautious but don't want you to lose interest), 'fold' (give you that boner-shrinking NO), or 'go all in' (meaning she's willing to give you that handy, and maybe even let you go 'all in' her!). And unfortunately, just like poker as well, she could be bluffing - leading you on for whatever reason but, when it's time for that final bet, she folds.
Part of the enjoyment for me when going to a massage place is that whole game of stroker poker - never knowing if you're actually gonna get some, but enjoying the anticipation.
by Wordmaster Bitch March 26, 2012
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