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1. A slang term for people who sell 100,000 units of cds and tapes independently produced. Selling mixtapes and/or original music productions out the back of their ride ala DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent before he was signed to a major label. Average cost of a mixtape $10.

$10 times 100,000 units= $1,000,000

2. 22 inch rims on a big azz whip. ex: escalade, denali, hummer, etc.
1. My shit went street platinum without the strength of Fiddy or any other major balla hyping my cd.

2. I've been selling street platinum on the streets for decades. Who needs a major record company? Not me.

3. My street platinum was spinning hard on my 07' Escalade.

by classicspree December 20, 2006
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