A group of people that stay away from drugs, and alcohol.

They put Xs on the back of their hands and T-Shirts to advertise their commitment.

They beleive in no sex to marriage, or no casual sex. Meaning that you dont sleep around, or have sex just to do it.
Straight Edge
by LaurenMLKFJSDL February 17, 2009
people who choose to not do drugs , drink alcohol or have casual sex .
" hey man , want some hash ? " says darth vader
" no thanks , im straight edge . " r2d2
by Taylor McGinnis April 20, 2008
You don’t or never had done no drugs or drunk any alcohol ever in your life!!! Ask CM Punk
Straight Edge Society
Define: CM Punk, Chicago’s very own hero. THE BEST IN THE WORLD! PERIOD!!!
by KENPRINXE April 6, 2021
Someone that doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol
Dave: Is Larry coming to drink out for a drink
Daniels: Nah i think he's become a straight edge simon
by Conm January 16, 2021
If you're straight edge, it means you don't drink, don't smoke, and don't do any non-prescribed drugs.

Why are we straight edge? It's simple. We don't need drugs to get through life or have fun. In fact, it's truly baffling that so many people actually need drugs to enjoy life. Life is what you make it - and if you need to be constantly intoxicated to get through it, that's pretty pathetic when you think about it. In this generation it's now considered cool to get drunk and high all the time, but in reality drugs appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Furthermore, being straight edge means obeying the law. Many drugs are illegal. Why the hell would I want to become a criminal just for some stupid highs? It's not worth it in the slightest. There are so many legal ways to have fun. There's music, movies, TV shows, video games, literature, art, culture and so much more to indulge in. The world has plenty to offer you. Doing drugs can result in addiction/dependence and criminal convictions if you are doing illegal substances. Who wants that?

If you're straight edge, be proud - it might not sound like much to be alcohol-free and drug-free, but many people ultimately fall victim to peer pressure and give in to temptation. Being straight-edge doesn't make you a religiously boring loser. It's cool, healthy, wise and moral. Keep your mind clear and enjoy life. There's a bright and colourful world out there.
Drug-user: Hey man, want to drink/smoke/do drugs?
Straight edge person: Nope, I'm straight-edge and proud of it.
by TT454 April 5, 2015
sXe fight consists of one edge kid challanging someone to a fight for no fucking reason. Then getting 30 of there friends to jump that kid on his way to the fight with bully-rags and bats. After which they will go after each person that you know and do the same them
Smoker: hey, u got a smoke?
smoker: w.e i'm done with straight edge fighting
by SUCKMYBIC 420 November 18, 2010
Being sXe2000 means that you are allowed to drink, eat or fuck whatever you like.
It's primarily used to confuse people and annoy straight-edgers.
"I'm sXe 2000...hey, I need more booze!"
by Bangdollar February 2, 2005